The Foundation's Mission

Provide the resources to motivate and inspire people in the areas of
self-esteem, positive thinking, goal-setting, and achievement so they can realize and live their dreams everyday!

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Positive for Life Expedition Camp

Build character, achieve goals, overcome limits, and increase success in any endeavor.

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Programs Sponsored by PFL

Positive for Life Expedition

Positive for Life Expedition

We currently sponsor an overnight camp for boys/girls; A program created by the Positive for Life Foundation and headed by Al Gargiulo and his son Nick Gargiulo, to impart our guiding mission into these impressionable lives.

"Thank you so much for giving my son this opportunity which I am sure he will remember for a lifetime."

Parent of a Positive for Life Expedition Camper

"This camp taught me to stay positive, set goals for life and have fun achieving them."

A Positive for Life Expedition Camper
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